About Tres Chic Style

About Tres Chic Style:

Tres Chic Style provides an influential voice in the fashion, beauty and the entertainment industry. Tres Chic Style has taken a hobby of writing and a knack for flair and developed it into a viable media business. Through successful marketing campaigns and partnerships with companies & public relations representatives we keep our readers in the know of what’s hot….not and in between.

Founded in 2007 by Kishana L. Holland, Tres Chic Style influences smart, stylish, and affluent women. Tres Chic Style strives to deliver a unique mix of the best in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and celebrity news. The show covers a myriad of fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics including; celebrity guest, fashion/style experts and personalities to discuss their latest work, books, television shows, albums, awards and life.

About the Editor:

Kishana L. Holland is a Brand Strategist, serial entrepreneur and tastemaker. With a penchant for style and writing, Kishana has parlayed her writing and media experience into a viable brand. 

The aptly titled name of the blog breathed life into three boutiques, a series of local and national shopping and social events, The Tres Chic Foundation, Tres Chic Style Radio and Tres Chic Style TV. 

Read More About Kishana: www.KishanaHolland.net