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In Chic Culture: New Study Shows That Nearly Half Of Black Professionals Have Faced Blatant Discrimination At Work

Black people have experienced discrimination in the workplace for centuries. America has long made an attempt to isolate, degrade and silence our voices in the workplace. LinkedIn recently released data that sheds light on the challenges Black professionals face in the work environment.  The Study Includes:  The prevalence of discrimination Being overlooked for advancement The importance of mentorship The actions companies must take to advance the careers of Black professionals The results of the study is shameful yet not surprising as on any given day chatting with fellow black women, discrimination is always a prevalent discussion when discussing workplace politics. The results found that 56% of Black professionals ages 18-34 have faced blatant discriminations and microaggressions at work.  In a statement by Rosanna Durruthy, LinkedIn's Global VP of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging stated "Linked In's new research helps shine a light on the challenge and experiences of

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