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In The Chic Life: April Happenings & Birthday Fabulous

April always represents a month of new beginnings, all things Spring AND my birthday. This year I ushered in my 45th chapter of this book called life. And because Covid somehow still has it's neck on travel plans I celebrated with little grandeur or fanfare at home in Atlanta. Being an unapologetic beach girl I'm always looking forward to some sand in my life, thus it was a bit disappointing. As I navigate my summer schedule I'll definitely be adding an Oakbluffs & Puerto Rico romp to the list. These days my business(s) have taken a priority as I'm embarking on a new journey that one day I'll share. It's a project I'm passionate about, excites me and may be my retirement escape. Along with living for brunch days and any excuse to wear an over-sized hat I'm prioritizing me and leaning into experiences that ultimately deliver me joy. With that there are bevy of unanswered texts and disruptions in communication that I make ZERO apologies for. I'm fo

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