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In Chic Beauty: When A Brown Girl Goes Blonde

We are absolutely FABULOUS... My hair has always been my favorite accessory. Since elementary school you could find Miss Tres Chic rocking cute Up-Do's, "Brooklyn Style" Dominican Doobie Wraps and even a Jeri Curl approved by the Luster God's (Google It). Fast forward 30+ years... Extensions, weaves and wigs are my go-to. My Instagram page has almost 9,000 images, each unique and depicting a signature look. Waking up with the same hairstyle day after day is just all kinds of boring and sooooo not me.  Fresh off my "Haute Girl Summer", I've played the hues and found myself going lighter and lighter. Wheat blonde has found it's way into my heart and this brown girl is loving it.  There's something about blonde that makes me giggle in the inside and exude a distinctive confidence on the outside. Some days I call it my super power.  It's a little hard to explain but usually my smile says it all.  Stay Fabulous... XO, Kishana

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