And This Christmas Will Bring.....

"Hang all the mistletoe, I'm gonna get to know ya better...This Christmas!" (singing as I post)

The holidays are very near and the new movie "This Christmas" may just put you in the holiday spirit. "This Christmas" features Chris Brown, Lauren London, Columbus Short, Mekhi Phifer, Regina King and Idris Elba.

This Christmas tells the story of the Whitfield family and their first attempt to spend the holiday season together in four years. As is oftentimes the case in yuletide dramas, there are various reasons why the family has split apart. There have been some issues amongst some of the members while others are harbouring secrets that will inevitably be revealed after too much eggnog.
The movie is set to be released on November the 21, 2007.

"Come on home for the holidays, but ya can't exchange family"
To watch the trailer: