Celebrity Round-Up

Celebrity Round-Up…

Free Foxy Brown?

Looks like Inga is actually getting a lot done while locked up. She has a new album dropping next month, Brooklyn Don Diva, and is also communicating with her fans via new website www.freefoxybrown.com. She states:
“I devoted my career to building an affinity with my fans who have supported me unflinchingly and no barbed wire fence or prison wall will stop that. I am in great spirits and very focused, and needed a forum to communicate to the people.”
Well if she were only in great spirits and focused a few years ago she might not be in this situation. That’s great that she has the internet available to her, hopefully there’s no access to a BlackBerry. Free Fox brown, like she has been wrongfully accused of something….Please!

Why Did I Get Married Premiere- 10/13/07

Tyler Perry has done it again, bringing us a film to Hollywood that we can actually be proud of. This film is not about baby-mama drama, boys in the hood or I’ll take your man trilogies.
Because of the nature of the relationships it’s not a film to take the kids too (although you can find a hollering & screaming baby at any local theatre). This is a film about the trials and tribulations of marriage and relationships. A phenomenal cast (Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba to name a few) and a brilliant writer……A Must-See
Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba to name a few.