Coat Check......

I am so sick of fur getting a bad rap from activist and protesters everywhere. (yeah, I said it..)
All the demonstrations and random acts of violence hasn't slowed down the fur industry one bit......
No matter how much "blood" gets thrown on them by angry PETA protesters, fur coats will never go out of style.

Fur coats and their other fashionable counterparts have been associated with wealth, class and success for centuries. Fur was first used in prehistoric times for obvious reasons like warmth and protection – but they were also used for fashion and adornment.

During the Middle Ages fur was used mainly for fashion purposes and was seen as a symbol for wealth and class affiliation. In those times fur was being used for coats, shawls, cuffs, and even on the hems of gowns.

Today luxury labels like Dior, Fendi and Gucci use fur in their designs.

For those of you who want the look of fur without harming animals or paying the massive price tag, there are plenty of "faux" choices out there for you that look pretty darn real. (from a distance)

Note to PETA supporters: "Touch my coat and the earrings come off......"