Diddy in Trouble....Again!

T.I. isn't the only celeb facing legal trouble this week. Sean "Diddy" Combs is expected to turn himself in to police today after getting into a scuffle with another man over the weekend.
Combs faces a misdemeanor assault charge after he allegedly punched a man in the mouth at Kiosk nightclub on Saturday.
The trouble began when Diddy got into an argument with Steven Acevedo over one of Combs' ex-girlfriends, The New York Daily News reports. Initially, the two men simply traded insults then Combs and his bodyguards reportedly left. When they returned, the Bad Boy mogul then punched Acevedo in the mouth, knocking him to the ground. When the victim stood up, Combs allegedly punched him a second time.
A police source said while the altercation was taking place, one of Combs' crew allegedly told Acevedo, "We won't shoot you. You can even hold our guns." No gun was ever displayed, however.
Following the attack, Acevedo went home, then called police several hours later.
Diddy is expected to turn himself in today at New York Police Department's 1st Precinct in Manhattan.

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