Foxy Brown....."They Set Me Up"

Had to keep you up to date on the latest Foxy News....

(As reported by Karu F. Daniels, AOL Black Voices)

Foxy Brown is crying foul, saying that she did not refuse to board a Rikers Island bus for a Brooklyn court date on Oct 12 as widely reported.
The formerly deaf former Def Jam Records diva, whose real name is Inga Marchand, told Metro newspaper that she was "set up" by prison officials on Friday, when she was scheduled to be arraigned in Brooklyn Supreme Court on charges that she smacked a neighbor, Arlene Raymond, in the face with a BlackBerry near the rapper's Brooklyn home in July.

"We were ready and willing and dressed to go to court," she said in a phone interview from Rikers Island. "Clearly it was very one-sided and a setup."
As far as the published reports of her refusal to board three Brooklyn-bound buses from the jai, the 'Ain't No N-Word' rapper said they were "completely, completely fabricated."
"I've been very quiet, but enough is enough," she said. "We're very tired of these erroneous stories. Now we're speaking out."

In expected Foxy Brown form, she declined to specify exactly why she was unable to board the Dept. of Correction bus. But she did say she would be in court today for a rescheduled arraignment today.
Foxy is currently serving a one-year jail term for a parole violation after her 2006 guilty plea on charges of assaulting two nail salon stylists over a $20 manicure. She is also accused of an assault in Florida.
For the charges she faced Tuesday, the Brooklyn native faces up to seven years in prison, prosecutors told the Associated Press.

Brown has maintained her innocence, saying she has been a victim of her celebrity.
State Supreme Court Judge John Ingram on Tuesday rebuked Brown for missing a court date on Friday.
Assistant District Attorney Robert Isdith said Brown refused to get on the bus with other inmates, but Brown said corrections officers told her she did not need to appear in court.
"It shall not repeat itself, whatever it is," the judge told Brown, who reportedly wore a simple brown blazer, no hair extensions and had her hands shackled in front.

Her next court date is expected in December, according to published reports.