Foxy Is At It Again....

Foxy Brown -- aka Rikers Island Inmate #3470701776 -- showed Britney Spears just exactly
how a true diva disses the court, refusing to show up for a hearing today -- because her hair and makeup weren't done and then because she was hungry. Ill wah wah!
Foxy, real name Inga Marchand, was supposed to appear early this morning to be arraigned at Kings County Supreme Court, but when it came time to board the bus from Rikers Island to Brooklyn, sources tell TMZ she refused -- because she wasn't ready, beauty-wise! Then, a second bus was arranged to schlep the rapperista to court, but she wouldn't board that one because she had not yet partaken of lunch. A third bus was scheduled, but she didn't board that one either.And it wasn't just the judge that Foxy ditched with her diva demands. Her mother had come all the way to court to see her outside of prison, and Foxy blew her off as well! Not in the mood!
By about 12:30 p.m., Judge John Ingram finally had enough and adjourned the case until next Tuesday, Oct. 16. He told Foxy's embattled lawyer, Alan Stutman, that if she didn't get on the bus, he would issue a force order compelling her to do so.
When asked by TMZ why his crazy client didn't show, Stutman could only say, "I don't know."
I wonder....Was it "Pizza Day" at Rikers?