Foxy's At It Again....Part II

Sources from The NYC Department of Corrections just released released a statement regarding Inga Marchand.
Foxy has been placed in solitary confinement for 76 days. She was placed there due to three disciplinary infractions. Some of which involved a shoving match and being disrespectful to Corrections Officers.

Can you imagine what her weave will look like after 76 days? Even Lil' Kim manged to mind her manners during her stingt in jail.
Somebody please get this girl a Psychological Evaluation.......This is seriously getting out of hand.

Ironically, Foxy's newest single "Light's Out" was released to media outlets yesterday.
I sincerely hope this is not a publicity stunt on Ms. Marchands part. (That would be really sad)

I heard the track and was not overly impressed, you be the judge...