Holiday Gift Idea....

Okay, this may be on a little "fashionista's" wish list this holiday season......
Gwen's Love. Angel. Music. Baby. limited edition doll line is now available at Target.
Each doll comes with interchangeable outfits along with exclusive collectibles like posters, pocket mirrors, trading cards and other stylish accessories. Using images and characters from her music videos and onstage performances, the dolls are truly an extension of Gwen's music and vision.
Each doll has it's own unique name borrowed from the titles of Gwen's many hits; Bananas Gwen, Wonderful Life Gwen and Hollaback Gwen .
The dolls retail from $14.99-$19.99 (Target has them on clearance)

To Purchase:

I think my daughter will stick with her Bratz Dolls..........


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