Holiday Shopping Forecast....

Post Courtesy of , The Budget Fashionista
Those in the retail game know that September sales trends are an indicator for that High Holy Time in the shopping calendar - the holiday season.
According to a recent report from Women’s Wear Daily, however, many retailers aren’t feeling very festive at the moment, as a weak September bodes poorly for the biggest money-making time of the year.
Of course individual retailers, like Aeropostale and Gap, “declined” to discuss holiday projections, fearing, no doubt, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Still, budget retailers like Target and WalMart were just about the only major players to report small increases, further evidence of the power of the budget shopper. Department stores on the whole, even lower-end ones like JC Penney and Macy’s, reported drops in September, as did all the stores held by Gap, Inc.
Apparently, setting up holiday displays (Christmas before Columbus Day, natch) hasn't helped matters, and probably has irritated more of us than it’s inspired.
What do you think? Is it too early for the holiday displays?