Is That Your Mama?

Lets face it, we all love our Mama's....... And so should "P Diddy and since he can afford to get her a stylist, there is no excuse for her look. Janice Combs has become a fixture on the socialite scene. She is no longer just the "mother of Puffy", but a celebrity in her own right. (What is it that she does again?)

Anyhoo, no disrespect to Mama Janice, but the weave game that you've been rocking is a little .....Over & Done! If my mama walked around looking like a character from America's Next "Not-So-Hot Mama" I would have to pull her to the side for a little fashion rundown.

I actually had the chance to meet Janice Combs when she had her restaurant in Park Slope. I had the opportunity to get a a glimpse of all her "fab life" first not impressed!

Miss Janice we applaud your appreciation for the glam life, but could you do it with a little taste and class....

Wanna really laugh: