Lead In Your Lipstick...

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (who knew?) reports that lipsticks by popular makers ranging from Cover Girl to L’Oreal to Christian Dior all contain lead, the inclusion of which is not regulated by the FDA. So what does this mean for you?
Well, we all know that while the lipstick is supposed to stay on the lips, that’s not always the case - ingesting some is a given. And according to the CSC people, scientific evidence suggests that no level of lead is completely safe.
So what’s the alternative? Our friends at Shefinds.com have done some legwork, suggesting a handful of lead-free options -- you'll notice that almost all have the word "organic" in the name, but, I need to remind you that not all “natural” or organic lipsticks are lead-free (a lipstick by Burt's Bees is on the "lead" list!). You should know, too, that lead isn't an actual ingredient (it shows up either as part of a colorant used, or a by-product of processing) and so won't be listed on any labels.
What can you do? The Campaign for Safer Cosmetics folks are asking that you send a letter to L'Oreal, the culprit with the highest lead levels. Find out more by clicking here.