Luxury For Less....

It saturates the movies and is splattered across celebrity magazines. In fact, there are even television shows dedicated to showcasing the luxurious life.
But now, you don't have to just wish for a piece of the pampering. There are several ways to live the luxe life without bankrupting your wallet.

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Bridal Gardern- offers high-end designers gowns, Vera Wang, Amasale & Carolina Herrera to name a few. Most are brand new and some are gently used, but all are sold year round for a fraction of what many would expect to pay.
The dresses often start as low as $200 and all the proceeds go to charity.

The French Culinary Institute in New York City- has its own student-run restaurant, which specializes in five-course meals for less than $40. The cost is less than half what most would expect to shell out at a fine-dining restaurant.

International Beauty School -You also can get trendsetting style without breaking the banks.
For example, the cost of cuts, colors and blowouts are rising around the nation. In fact, the average haircut and style is $45 in the United States, but going to a beauty school can be a great alternative.
There, you can receive treatments for a fraction of the price, like at the International Beauty School, where patrons can receive a blowout for $4.

But luxury isn't limited to external looks. Sometimes it's about internal peace and relaxation. Maybe you are interested in a deep-tissue rubdown to release all the day's stresses.
While you could spend a small fortune at a top-of-the-line spa, you also could opt for a more financially friendly version of Zen.
Massage schools can be a great way to beat stress for less, like at the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences, where customers can get a massage for about $25.
The price is less than a third of what a hotel or spa normally would charge. At the institute, student-led acupuncture sessions also are available at reduced rates.
But experts advised when looking for a massage school in your area, make sure it is fully accredited. If it is, you can lie back and enjoy your low-cost luxury.