Male Fashionista....Part III

No this is not a joke....
Fashion original and Manhattan stylist Andre J. is featured on the November cover of Paris Vogue with model Carolyn Murphy shot by Bruce Weber.
Andre J. has become a staple on the New York fashion scene. Hailing from NJ, Andre lived in L.A., becoming a major presence on the nightlife and club scene there, before coming to New York.
He is currently working in all aspects of fashion, from fashion correspondent to muse and inspiration. He brings an original and individualistic attitude to fashion and what we love most is he's unapologetic about who he is and how he expresses himself.
It's over the top, crazy and flamboyant, but that is the world of fashion.....
Andre being true to himself is garnering lot's of attention.
He covered the Fall 2006 issue of V magazine, works for LX TV with Andre's Box and now is on the cover of Paris Vogue.
It's a great day for fashion when we began to embrace out of the box ideas and place them on the covers of coveted publications.
Tres Chic Style congratulates Andre...On doing the damn thing!
Sidedish: Don't hate Miss J (ANTM), we love you too boo!