Salt n Pepa Episode 1 Review...

Okay, first things first...It was too short!
I think they need at least an hour to cover Ms. Pepa's antics.
I was pleasantly surprised to see my church on the show, Christian Cultural Center (CCC).
Pastor: Dr. A.R. Bernard
Website: (If you haven't visited yet, get there will never leave, promise!)
I do not personally know Cheryl (Salt), but I have seen her at various services and other events. The half hour gave us a little inside on the real reason Salt n Pepa broke-up. I actually had no idea the decision to dissolve the group was not a mutual one.

In the first 10 minutes it was obvious that Pepa is pissed... She has some real issues with Salt's departure from the group. Salt has not only let God into her life, it seems like she has matured since the days of Salt n Pepa.
Pepa, on the otherhand is still "Pushing It Good"! (and really looks good too!)
I think I'll be tuning in next week and who knows maybe the entire season.
In the end I would love to see the women resolve their issues with each other, move forward and foster a lasting relationship...Because life is too damn short for the drama!

Stay Tuned...