Somebody Pray For This Girl....Please!

Inga Marchand "Foxy Brown " was taped while rapping in jail: “We Don’t Surrender,” she raps: “Since I got my hearing back, all I hear is Foxy this and Foxy that. Bitch please, I’m in my Louis Capri's, overseas in Belize, ignoring the small [bleep]. So, hop off my [bleep], I got a 32-shot clip aimed at Page Six.” (I'm sure Judge Melissa Jackson would be pleased)
Ms. Foxy....when are you ever going to learn. Sister, instead of rapping & posting pointless messages on, you should get a psychiatric evaluation because something just ain't right.

Poor Thang.....

Anyone who would like to offer any words of wisdom, write her at:
Inga Marchand
Rose M. Singer Women's Facility
East Elmhurst, NY 11370