Thought of the Day......Playground Etiquette

Yesterday, I decided to enjoy an afternoon at the park with my children. What turned into a fun day quickly became a post for my blog.

I was shocked, appalled and annoyed at some of things that can happen in a playground.
So I decided to post some Playground Etiquette Rules:
  1. First things first, when the little one needs to use the bathroom...if the bathroom house is unavailable, then it is simply time to go home. Allowing Jo-Jo to "pull his pants down and face a tree" is not proper behavior that we want our boys to become accustomed to.

  2. Moms, when the children are getting out of line and you've just about had it (happens to me all the time) please...please refrain from yelling across the park "Quanika, you better get your a** over here before I f*** up". You are in a playground! Please leave that talk at home-better yet, don't use it at all.

  3. Teach your kids appropriate playground behavior, like sharing & taking turns. Don't tell Bam Bam, "she just gotta wait for the "swingz", you not finished yet".

  4. Lastly, parents we are our children's first teachers. Everything we do at home is observed and acted out, sometimes like a scene from a "soap opera drama". I actually watched two little girls (maybe 6 or 7) talk about "how they saw their man Bee Bee in the barbershop with some chick named Trina and they was gonna beat the hoe down."

Needless to say on that note, we had to go! And for the record this was supposed to be a nice afternoon at the park.......

**This post may/may not be relevant to you, but I am sure you know someone who can benefit from this post, please pass it on.........