Why Did I Get Married is a Hit!

I know we say this every time a Tyler Perry movie hits theaters, but this by far is his best work yet! I will not to spoil the movie for you, but whatever your doing this weekend make plans to get to a theater and make this film #1 at the box office. It was really nice to see so many people supporting this film on it's first day.
The line was a block long and the theater was packed. Everyone was there, husbands and wives (young & old), mothers with their daughters, girlfriends, neighbors, baby strollers (yes, lots of them) and this girl with a shopping cart that for some reason opted to sit next to me. Crying babies, cell phone conversations, shopping cart and all I was determined catch an afternoon matinee, relax and enjoy the show.
Never did I expect to laugh so hard, cry at times and walk away with a valuable message.
I believe we all can relate to this film, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends.
The cast was phenomenal and Miss Tasha Smith owned this movie.
Needles to say I loved it and the shopping cart lady and I laughed together the entire movie.

Enjoy the movie and please turn those cell phones off!