Barbie by Patricia Field....

Everyone loves Barbie...
I guess that's why Fashion Guru, Sex & The City Stylist and my "Myspace BFF" Ms. Patricia Field has partnered with Mattel to introduce “Barbie by Patricia Field”, a cutting-edge collection of Barbie-inspired women’s apparel, accessories and handbags.

The new collection, consists of sportswear, vintage-inspired dresses, signature jewelry and handbags, available at Macy’s, Hot Topic stores and Patricia’s “House of Field” boutique in New York.
The Barbie by Patricia Field collection is an unapologetic ally fun and stylish way for girls of all ages to indulge their Barbie fantasy.

To promote this special line, Patricia Field is inviting everyone to come out and toast with her to celebrate the new collection.
December 6th at 6:00pm
Macy's Herald Square
Impulse on 3