Ebony Fashion Fair Turns 50....

There's not much you can count on when it comes to fashion. Trends come and they go. But one thing in the world of fashion people can count on is that the Ebony Fashion Fair continues to lead the way in showing Black America the latest in high fashion.

As a child I can remember my first introduction to this world of fashion and the one lady who comes to mind.....Mrs. Eunice Johnson. Each month as the latest Ebony magazine arrived I remember tearing pages out of the Ebony Fashion Fair section (and I still do). This publication was the only of it's kind to showcase fashion and the pivotal roles African-Americans were playing in it.

The Ebony Fashion Fair has not only premiered creations by the world's biggest designers, but also made big stars out of some of its models.
It's been more than 50 years since the show was created, and to this day it has remained in a class of its own every step of the way.

One dares not utter Ebony Fashion Fair without immediately having Mrs. Eunice W. Johnson, producer-director of Ebony Fashion Fair, come to mind. A true fashion pioneer, Mrs. Johnson has been traveling abroad to purchase creations from the world's best-known fashion houses for more than four decades. During this time, she has earned a place in fashion history as the first African-American ever to purchase from across the Atlantic for a traveling fashion show.

I would like to personally thank Mrs. Johnson for her dedication and passion to inspire thousands of little black girls like me . Because of her tenacity and strength, it was she that made us believe we were beautiful. Tres Chic Style Salutes the Ebony Fashion Fair & Mrs. Eunice Johnson on their 50th Anniversary....

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