Holiday Gift Idea...

Awww...who doesn't love a cute puppy?
Maybe your little one has been longing for a "new furry friend" or your BFF needs a little pick-me-up.

If your in the New York area, maybe you can help the North Shore Animal League and adopt a new friend.

On November 8, 2007, North Shore Animal League America embarked on a rescue mission to help save over 150 dogs from a puppy mill in Virginia.

When the League’s team of dedicated professionals arrived at the dismal destination, they worked diligently assisting with examinations, vaccinations, taking the dogs for walks, keeping them exercised, distributing feedings and keeping the chaos of hundreds of stressed dogs down to a minimum.
Now safe in the League’s care, these dogs, who are six months old and up, are ready to be placed for adoption. Adopt Today

Side Note: Pets should never be treated as the "latest fashion accessory".
Make sure and read the fine print on gifting....We wouldn't want another Iggy situation on our hands...