JRG Fashion Review Part II...

Fashionistas, my apologies for not posting earlier but the holiday madness in my life is in full swing. I spent the majority of the weekend with my family, shopping, some more shopping and even found a little time to attend the hottest show of the season....Glance The Show.

After running numerous errands around the city on a chilly Saturday, it was nearly 9pm and Glance The Show was getting underway at The Brooklyn Marriott. The cocktail hour gave me a glimpse of what I was about to experience. The energy in the air could be felt as young men chatted on the latest cellular gadgets and women of every shade, size and cultural background sipped fruity martinis and waited on line for the doors to open.

Amidst the confusion and chaos as revelers waited on lines and attempted to purchase tickets, I managed to find the welcome table and introduce the arrival of Tres Chic Style. The evening promised to produce a memorable show. In lieu of my usual team of photographers & interns, I decided to bring my 15 year old sister Shante along to experience her first Runway Show.

Armed with my camera, Press Pass and my "new assistant", I was quickly ushered to the coveted "Front Row" press area. As I surveyed the room I spotted fashion writers from various publications, models, stylist and my fellow "Fashion Bloggers".

The show was opened by our host for the evening; Sister 2 Sister Magazine Fashion Editor Walter Greene and WBLS radio personality Ms. Ann Trip. Prior to introducing the first collection, we were entertained by the comedic skills of Walter Greene. He playfully engaged the audience on a Guyana Q&A. His humor and imagery consumed the audience as he prepared us for the wonderful fashion journey we were all about to embark on..........couretsy of JRG

Fashion Extraordinaire (psst...Don't tell Andre Leon Talley) Walter Greene chatting it up.

Olympia Smalls- Sonotam promised to "Bring Sexy Back" with her carnival-wizardry swimwear collection. The suits were a combination of lace, satin, and I think I even saw some velour in there somewhere.

Next up was The Climax collection presented by Nakita & Nadine Telsford. The teenage Guyana natives hail from the colorful village of Linden offering chic sportswear adorned with sequins & beads.

Derrick Moore presented his Ribbons & Robes Collection featuring soft elegant jersey knits. The collection true to it's namesake included antique inspired ropes fashioned as belts.

Evening elegance descended on the runway courtesy of Saleem, a native of Trinidad and Tobago debuted his impressive designs to the popular Amy Winehouse "Rehab" tune.

TBA , To Be African designed by William Fleet kept the crowd guessing with his 2-piece ensembles. Using a safari palette of camel, ivory and chocolate...sneaking in a bit of rich navy hues at the same time.

Who says Eva's the only America's Next Top Model ripping the runways.... Kathleen Dujour from ANTM season 8, cycle 5 strutted the cat walk, Brooklyn Style!

Closing the show, Guyana's "Bad Girl" of fashion Sonia Noel (pictured above in Denim) dazzled the crowd with her intricate details of cotton & linen ensembles. The Mariska Designs (named after her daughter) is an exclusive design representing the sophistication and elegance of the Caribbean. Sonia Noel is the CEO of the Guyana Fashion Weekend & affectionately known throughout the Caribbean as the "Queen of Fashion". I had the opportunity to meet Sonia in Guyana a few years ago at the Bartica Regatta. She has been pioneering the world of fashion throughout the Caribbean and ultimately delivering her vision, tenacity and imagery to the States.

Tres Chic Style would like to thank the founder, Mr. Rawle Giddings for presenting a wonderful event. We can't wait for the next show! To sign up for updates, visit The JRG Web Site and stay apprised of upcoming events. Also, continue to read Tres Chic Style...I'll keep you posted.

A fun time was had by all....Since I was accompanied by a minor (my Lil' sis), I had to skip the after-party and get this "little fashionista" home by midnight (we missed it by a half hour).

Chatting it up all the way home, Shante thanked me for a wonderful evening and even told me she could actually see herself covering shows as a career....Stay Tuned a young "Anna Wintour" in training..... (If you do not have a clue who Anna is, please do an about- face off this blog, head to google.com, and make it do what it do.)

Here's a few photos I managed to snag after the show.....

I took a photo of this nice young man that was seated alongside me. His name is Zohnell, he's a model and a cutie too......While reviewing the show he gave me his opinions and thoughts on the show from a male perspective. I think we may have discovered the next Tyson Beckford ladies...

Ms. Ann Trip was gracious enough to give us a photo as she was leaving the event. She's such a sweetie pie....

My little sister and fashionista in the making Shante, rocking her Press Pass..This girl is just too damn fly... (I meant to get a shot of her "hot pink" Top Shop stiletto boots, my girl was working it last night)As the night finally came to an end, Shante snapped this photo of yours truly...I may look all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, but Mama was exhausted....

We'll try and get a little rest for the busy week ahead...cooking, shopping, two Brooklyn events, one D.C. event, a Movie Premiere, blogging and a little more shopping to do....and amidst all of this I still find the time to raise two beautiful children, operate a boutique, work on a second location and find the time to deliver fashion, style advice and celebrity news via this blog.......