NY & Co. Launches Beauty Line...

Courtesy of WWD

New York & Company Inc. is the latest specialty apparel retailer climbing onto the beauty bandwagon.
The company will launch a line of bath and body care products on Nov. 15 called City Beauty. The target customers are fashion-conscious, value-sensitive women between the ages of 25 and 45.

From the name of the bath and body collection to the packaging, City Beauty was cast in the image of the New York-based chain in order to echo its urban persona.
Even the shapes of the bottles and jars were meant to mimic the New York skyline.

The collection consists of six different scents, each of them expressed in five products. There is a body mist, body lotion, body scrub, hand and body cream and shower gel for each flavor, all of which were developed by International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.T
he names and types of scent were meant as somewhat sly monikers for different neighborhoods. Downtown Darling has the scent of passion fruit, Fabulous on Fifth contains wild orchid, Chelsea Chic has pomegranate, Broadway Beauty has gardenia, Uptown Angel contains vanilla and Miss Manhattan is marked by an apple note.

The chain not only studied the market but also its likely competition — notably Victoria's Secret Beauty and BBW — and it shows up in the pricing. Each item will be priced at $8, but two units will be sold for $14 and three items for $18. "We are a value-oriented brand," Crystal said.The line will be rolled out to all of the chain's 569 stores across 44 states.