Stylist Tip of The Day...

Fashionistas, the "Gold Rush" has struck again........ Just in time for the holidays!
Softer, subtler textures have emerged this season versus the usual "bling factor" finish.

Make-Up: Subtle and matte looks minus the gloss. Opt for a satin finish to update your sensuous pout.

Bronzers: Who say's sun-kissed skin is exclusive to the summer season? This holiday season "Let It Glow". Noting leaves your skin radiant and sexy like a bronzer...

Accessories: Gold Bangles are a wardrobe staple, opt for ornate bangles encrusted with stones and "stacked" for the over-the top "bling".
Apparel: Allow hints of gold to shimmer through your holiday wardrobe. A sequin tank is perfect for the office party paired with a chic jeweled evening clutch.