Stylist Tip of The Day....

With the holiday events and after-work parties, A fashionista must look flawless at any given moment. In lieu of schlepping that duffel bag to work, I've compiled a few items that you can stick in your work bag or possibly have on hand at the office.....

  1. Sharpie Retractable Fine Point Permanent Marker-a must have, you can write on anything....even clothing. Perfect for erasing black scuffs from shoes.

  2. Fashion Forms Breast Petals-with/without a bra it will keep a smooth look, even under the thinnest fabrics.

  3. Adhesive Tape Roller-gets that fuzz right off...

  4. Sewing Kit

  5. Hollywood Fashion Tape- "a stylist' best friend"

  6. Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover

  7. Huggies Baby Wipes (Travel Container)

  8. Static Guard-prevents "static cling" and even "fly-away hair"

  9. Foot Petals....perfect for stilettos, your feet will Thank-You

  10. Clear Nail Polish-for an instant touch-up or to stop that run in your stockings