Tres Chic Style Favorite Things....

Today's favorite things are dedicated to the "Trendy Fashionistas" on your list.
Who is She: The girl who's Saturday Ritual is indulging in some serious retail therapy, her style changes by the week. Her TiVo has season 2 & 3 of Project Runway, Grey's Anatomy and Keepinh Up With The Kardashians. Her reading List is currently Lucky, InStyle and US Weekly and of course she gets her daily dose of Tres Chic Style.....
Ulimately..she's the girl with everything!

Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet $35.00
The signature core of the Juicy Couture jewelry line comes complete with a heart charm at the end.
If you happen to purchase a Juicy Couture bracelet consider getting a couple Juicy Couture Charms. You can find a wide range of charms available, from yorkies to stilettos, and they are all so dazzling!
My favorite this season is the Snowboot however, I'll settle for the Dirty Glam Bracelet anyday.....(Hint..Hint)