Tres Chic Style Travel Tips

We are emerging on the busiest travel day of the year.....
Can you believe one year like 20 members of my family drove from Brooklyn to Summerville, South Carolina (that's where we're from) on Thanksgiving Day!
It was a looooong damn trip. We stopped and drove and stopped and you get the picture....

My road trip days via automobile are over for now, but TSA regulations can really put a snag on your airline travel. I've compiled a few travel tips to ease the wait (oops I mean flight) along...
  1. First things first, just because your going to see family, doesn't mean you can't look good. Pack a few must have items of clothing to accentuate a glam look. You never know when your married cousin will invite that cute single co-worker. Who knows, you may be packing again for Christmas......or planning a New Year's visit.

  2. Leave the drama at home... yes we all know Uncle Jr. drinks too much at the dinner table and Aunt Bea gossips too much, but just suck it up for Turkey Day.....

  3. Get to the airport on time and if possible skip the Bag Check

  4. Empty all your pockets and make sure those stiletto boots are outfitted with cute socks/tights for the random screening check. (Feet Up Please...)

  5. Remember that 3oz. rule, no liquids larger than 3oz. and don't forget the Ziploc bag.

  6. Do not get into an altercation with the TSA agent when she takes your 8oz bottle of Bath & Body Works and tosses it.......she is just doing her job (and will probably be smelling nice too courtesy of you). All your fault, you should have read my Favorite Holiday Things post and you would've know better.

  7. Carry your laptop so you can get your daily dose of Tres Chic Style... And share the blog with your cousin Reesie, you know she likes to "get her hair did."

  8. Stop at Target (because their always 20% off at Target) and pick up the latest copies of your favorite Fashion Magazines.

  9. As always a fashionista must be pampered before the trip, Do the hair/nails & pedicure ritual before you leave.

  10. While on the plane, jot down at least 5 things in your life your thankful for. At the end of the flight tuck the list in your bag and if anybody works your nerves during the holiday go to the list and it'll help you realize what really matters..... Happy Thanksgiving!