Your Handbag Is Fake....

Courtesy of BagBliss

Kate Spade “Your Designer Handbag is Fake” Would you ever call anyone out for carrying a replica designer bag? Mrs. Kate Spade would….

In a recent interview with NYTimes, Kate Spade revealed her most recent encounter with a Kate Spade fan carrying a fake designer handbag. “I knew all the bags that were on the street, and this one I didn’t know had hit the street yet, but I knew it wasn’t real. I’m telling you, I was across the street and I could tell.” she said. So what did Kate do next? She walked on over to the lady and asked, “Where did you get that?” The woman instantly recognized the designer. “She was like, ‘Oh, my God, you’re Kate Spade!” And what was her reasoning for sporting a fake designer purse? “She said, ‘Oh I didn’t buy it, my husband did,’” said Kate. Hah! I’m sure that’s what they all say… blame it on someone else.