Zoom Through Your Holiday Shopping....

This holiday season, avoid the long lines, crowds and pushy sales clerks by zooming through your shopping at a ZoomSystems automated store.

ZoomSystems automated stores are in high-traffic locations like Macy’s, shopping malls and airports and there are over 300 ZoomSystems shop locations nationwide. Shop for fragrances, cosmetics and skincare products like Proactiv, Coty and Elizabeth Arden (they also carry Apple and Sony electronics, too).

All products feature a 30-day money-back guarantee and your items are delivered before your credit or debit card is charged. Returns are handled through the mail just like online shopping.

The ZoomSystem is set up so you can browse through the products and use a touchscreen to view photos and information. Once you find something you want to purchase, add them to your virtual shopping cart, swipe your credit or debit card and your products are retrieved on the spot by a robotic arm and delivered to you within minutes. ZoomSystems offers a secure transaction and a toll-free, 24-hour customer service hotline.

For a list of ZoomSystems locations, click here.