12 Chic Days of Christmas.......

This weekend I decided to begin posting a few responses from our readers that entered The Tres Chic Style "12 Chic Days of Christmas" Contest. As you know we're giving away a Lockheart handbag valued at $650. All you have to do is drop me an email describing your favorite Christmas gift ever. That's it, your entered, for the complete details click here.

I'll start it off........
My favorite Christmas memory of all time was when I was like 7 or 8 years old. I wanted a Barbie Dream House desperately. One night I was eaves dropping (like most kids do around the holidays) and I heard my Mom telling my Aunt that the she could not find the Dream House (It was super popular that year). Crushed I knew my wishes for a good Christmas was practically non-existent at that point.

Low and behold my mom (Santa, if my daughter's reading) came through with The Barbie Dream Pool....It was so much better than the Dream House. It had a deck, a cabana even it's own slide. I remember playing with my Barbies for hours as a kid, having them relax by the pool , sipping fruity drinks......similar to a South Beach hotel scene...(too funny)

That was my favorite gift of all time, A special note to my mom (sometimes she reads the blog and sometime she doesn't). Thanks for making every Christmas Special for Me!
Now send me yours (I won't reveal your name, Promise) so you can win that Lockheart Bag!