"12 Chic Days of Christmas"....

Just felt like posting some of the entries received for the Tres Chic Style "12 Days of a Chic Christmas" Contest.

Latrisse writes: My Best XMAS Gift Was 2006 , I Was Blessed to give birth to a beautiful baby girl on Christmas Day......

Marcia writes: My all time favorite Christmas gift was when I was about 8 years old and my brother bought me a Schwin banana seat bike!! YEAH!!

Fatimah Writes: My favorite gifts were always from my grandmother. She instilled a love of accessories in me- from gold bracelets to semi-precious gems, she would always give a beautiful something to make my Xmas. She's in Barbados as we speak soaking up the rays....I'm weathering a recent snow storm in Toronto. LOL!

Thanks for the entries Fashionistas and our sincerest wishes for a Wonderful Holiday!
*Remember the contest ends December 23, 2007, so hurry and enter for your chance to win that Lockheart Handbag ($650 Retail).
Good Luck.......


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