Chic Tip of the Day.....

While your hitting the hottest holiday parties or social events of the year, Wouldn't it be fabulous if you were fully versed on Purse Etiquette .........

Your purse can either enhance and blend with your ensemble or it can detract from your appearance. You can appear awkward and unbalanced as though you were carrying a burden instead of a purse. With proper placement, you will find that your handbag is no longer a foreign object to be shifted from hand to hand, but an article of clothing which can be carried neatly and effortlessly.

There are two common mistakes that we see every day.
  • For instance, have you noticed the woman who clutches her purse under her arm and looks like a football player about to run for a touchdown?
  • Or, perhaps you have seen the woman who carries her purse as though it were a suitcase or a lunch box by grasping the handle and carrying it down by her side, where it often becomes a dangerous obstacle for passers-by.
    Remember, your handbag is part of your total look; carry it as such, easily and prettily.
  1. Purse With A Handle-Slip your hand through the handle from the outside and let the handle rest on your wrist, turn your palm up, fingers relaxed. Place your wrist lightly against your waist so that your purse is resting on the flat of the hip.

  2. Envelope Bag-Hold the bottom of the envelope bag in your hand resting it on the length of the index and middle fingers. Rest your hand against the flat of the hip and let the hand and bag relax to an angle.

  3. Shoulder Bag-Never slip your head through the strap of a shoulder bag, and carry it criss-crossing your body. (maybe you can try it with a messenger bag)