The Ed Hardy Phenomenon.....

Often times I wonder about celebrity inspired fashion trends and fads. Will this Ed Hardy phenomenon fade away like the Von Dutch Trucker Hats?

There are now Ed Hardy stores in New York, Los Angeles, Tucson and Dubai. That $20 million-a-year business, of which Hardy gets a small slice for licensing his name and art, is the handiwork of French-born marketing ace Christian Audigier, who pushed the Von Dutch brand and now has everybody from Madonna to Larry King draped in Hardy.

The Ed Hardy designs are "rocker chic" apparel & accessories with a wide variety of styles, colors and designs to choose from. Inspired from the works of famous American tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy.

For a sophisticated fashionista like myself, there's just no room for "skulls, cobras and cross bones" in my closet......No matter what celebrity is rockin' it!