Fashion Replay 2007, Part I.........

As we pull the fashionable curtains down on 2007, let us reflect on some of our favorite fashion related news stories that made it's way to the wires & our laptops this past year......

Valentino, one of high fashion's most glamorous designers announced his retirement in September after 45 years in the fashion industry. He is famous for his stunning women’s clothes. Having dressed celebrities royals, and wealthy socialites for nearly half a century. Taking his place is Alessandra Facchinet , a former Gucci designer in her mid-30’s, who will present her first collection in March 2008.

Classic American designer Ralph Lauren celebrated 40 years in fashion. His Spring 2008 Show was a collection of his trademark looks that have made him one of the industry's most successful and influential figures.

Target & Isaac Mizrahi presented the first-ever model-less fashion show in New York's iconic Grand Central Station. With commuters passing through, the spunky show was projected inside a showcase area specially mounted for the event. Instead of models, holograms "wore" the clothes and accessories.


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