Favorite Things.....

Shoes, Purses, Anything that Blings, These are a Few of My Favorite Things......

If your still toting your flash drive on your key chain..........Today's "Favorite Thing" is just for you. Phillips & Swarovski have partnered to deliver chic tech gadgets for the uber chic fashionista appropriately called "Active Crystals".
Firstly this pendant isn’t just any old necklace, it can be split in two to reveal a 1GB USB key! This beautiful silver/crystal heart pendant can hold 250 songs or 1,000 photos!

The crystal embellished headphones can jazz up any Ipod. Available in 4 fab styles

Be the envy at your next visit to Starbucks with this little gem attached to your notebook.

To view the entire collection, visit here.

Side Note: I sure hope Santa reads Tres Chic Style.......


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