Holiday Shopping Etiquette 101....

The weather outside is frightful and so is some of our behavior this holiday shopping season.....

This weekend I witnessed anxious shoppers yell, scream and tug at sale items and this was in the housewares department.... As I ventured to the shoe salon at Macy's I was in awe at the customer's treatment of the sales associates on the floor. Not only were they demeaning but just unnecessarily rude. One woman was demanding the associate call a manger because she had been waiting almost 10 minutes for her size 10 Bandolino Boot. (I wanted to say lady, they're Bandolino's not Manolos calm down already).

Yes, we all know sales people can sometimes be the rude ones or appear to be miserable at their respective jobs at times but that does not give us a free pass to go all out on a tirade....

Here are a few shopping tips to getting your through the holiday season with ease. However if there's a size 9 Jimmy Choo Sandal on the clearance rack for $97.00 (yes, bought a pair at Saks last year) and 3 lovelies vying for them, My advice is just....Be a Lady at all times, but get that damn shoe!

  1. Read your coupons, we all know designer apparel is often excluded at certain department stores.

  2. Refrain from cell phone conversations while at the register...better yet unless your child is battling that 103 degree fever at home cut the phone off all together. The last thing anyone wants to hear while they are waiting on line is is you talking about Kisha, Pam or Tasha and her baby-daddy.

  3. Stop calling a manger for every little thing. Not only are you wasting your time your holding up the line for everyone else. If it can be avoided, simply take a trip to the Customer Service Department. (quiet as kept Macy's at Herald Square has a dynamic group of folks up there that will not only allow you to use that coupon on just about anything, they'll give you coupons for future how's that for great customer service)

  4. Do not Price Check at the register. This is the most annoying part of the shopping experience. Most stores have price checkers strategically placed throughout the sales floor. Use them instead of bringing 20 pieces to the register and actually purchasing 3.

  5. Lastly begin your sales transaction with a smile and simple hello. Yeah ,we know they are supposed to greet you first in a Perfect World. This goes a long way, it will make the cashier feel good and who knows maybe it'll even get you an extra gift box or two in your shopping bag.
***And remember this holiday season, giving is so much better than receiving. If you have an extra coupon or deal you've found on this wonderful blog, do me a favor and pass the good tidings along.......Happy Holidays!