Holiday Tipping 101....

The holiday season is the traditional time to say "Thank You" and "I appreciate the work you do” to those who have provided service to you throughout the year.
However every situation is different (like that teacher that's bombarding your children with homework or the mail lady that just can't get it right), so let common sense, specific circumstances, and holiday spirit be your guides.

The tip amounts are merely guidelines to assist you in the tipping process.
Don’t forget that one of the best ways to express your appreciation is a hand-written note, which should accompany any holiday tip.

  • Babysitter-an evening’s pay, plus a small gift from your child

  • Stylist -$10 to $60 each, giving most to those who do the most for you, and/or a gift
  • Child’s teacher -check your school’s policy first. Give a gift, not cash. Possibilities: gift certificate for a coffee shop, book store, or restaurant; book, picture frame, fruit basket or gourmet food item; or a joint gift with other parents and their children

  • Fitness Trainer -Cost of one session ( if you look hot this season, two sessions)
  • Housekeeper- One day’s pay
  • Residential Building Personnel
    Superintendent-$25 to $100
    Doorman -$10 to $80
    Elevator operator -$15 to $40
    Handyman -$15 to $40