Last-Minute Shopping Tips....

With only 8 shopping days until Christmas.......
A Fashionista must get Ready, Get Set....And Shop

While we'll probably be braving the malls and searching endlessly for parking and chic mommies like me will tackle the Mega Gift Store Toy's R Us, I've decided to jot down a few tips to assist you in your shopping escapades.
  1. First things first, For all you Coupon Divas like me, visit Tres Chic Style and check for printable coupons for your desired retailer. If I don't have it posted, I can probably get it, so email me.

  2. Make a List- Don't forget to check it off as you go......

  3. Do the Math-Decide how much you can comfortably and realistically spend on everything for these last minute gifts. When you're making the list, don't stretch and don't rely on that Christmas Bonus you haven't yet been given.

  4. Comparison Shop- No time for window shopping......Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, Macy's, Kohls and countless other nationwide chain stores retailers have Web sites where you can price gift items online before you schlep to the store and realize it's out our budget. At you can compare prices on a range of products including computers, electronics, clothing, books and lifestyle products for the home.

  5. Check Item Availability- Place a phone call to the retailer and check the availability of the item. 90% of the time, the staff is happy to assist you and they can even check in their other stores.

  6. If you're ordering last-minute gift items for delivery before December 25th, pay close attention to the fine print. On, for U.S. orders that say "usually ships within 24 hours," December 18th is last day to order items using standard shipping if you want them to arrive by Christmas. (No 6 year old wants to hear the shipping hoopla on Christmas Morning when it comes to her American Girl Doll, trust me my little fashionista detest explanations regarding late gifts.)

  7. Check Refund & Return Policies- Avoid embarrassment by reading your receipt carefully before you march back to the store demanding a refund when it clearly reads "Exchange Only".

  8. Leave the Kids at Home- Nothing irritates me more than shopping at Toys R Us on Christmas Eve and the store is full of parents with their kids picking out gifts......Unless you have a newborn that cannot fully understand the ramifications of "Santa" Leave Them Home! Don't spoil it for the little ones, didn't you ever have the "Miracle on 34th St." experience? And if you read my Shopping Tips from a past post, you wouldn't take them to the mall either........... If you actually plan on shopping.

  9. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Leave that coat in the car, and that stylish over-sized handbag. Opt for this, I absolutely love this bag when I'm with the kids, shopping or on vacation.

  10. Remember this is a wonderful time of year. So be patient, leave the drama at home prepare to stand in long lines and expect to be pushed or shoved a little. (After All, not everyone had a chance to read this fab blog)

And if you have to do the Gift Card Thing......Just read the fine print before you buy!