Shopping in the 11th Hour Blitz...

It's the holiday homestretch and fashion retailers are scrambling to meet sales and profit goals. The weekend storm crushed business in the Midwest and much of the Northeast, making a challenging season for apparel even tougher.
The storms combined with the slow economy, mortgage resets, tremendous inflation on food and energy and increased bankruptcy filings have caused people to spend less this Christmas.

And while most shoppers wait until after Christmas to take advantage of sales, this year the savings could come much sooner. While remaining optimistic retailers are discounting items by 50-70% off to unload inventory. Stores are extending shopping hours, offering promotional deals and even offering amenities like free gift wrapping and complimentary home delivery. In an unusual move, Neiman Marcus staged a three-day promotion last week offering a $100 certificate for every $400 spent.
Now don't think you'll get that IPod Nano for $50-$75. Electronics and video games normally remain in their respective price brackets because they normally do well. Do look for deals like a free game with purchase or "software bundles".
Here's a few tips to help you in the snag some deals in the 11th Hour......
  • Retailers are offering huge discounts to employees this month. If you know someone who works at your favorite store, you may want to hit them up with some kindness this season. Friends & Family Deal: Get 30% off any purchase at Banana Republic stores only! Ends 12/21. Click Here for Coupon
  • Never mind the clearance racks, head straight to the main floor. Often times department stores have unmarked discounts and savings on luxury items. Sashay on over to the price-checker and dance with glee when that cashmere sweater is $29.99 versus the marked price of $119.00.
  • Take advantage of One Day Sales & 24 Hour Shopping Events. These are the last-ditch efforts by retailers to get those registers ringing.
  • If your looking for your New Year's Eve outfit, make a dash for the Evening Wear section. Virtually everything is marked 50-75% off. Stores make an attempt to unload holiday frocks before the New Year.
  • Shopping for Toys.....Toy's R Us restocks the shelves on the 23rd & 24th with brand new toys that you've probably never even seen before. Ironically, these are the new toys that will be unveiled for the Spring season. Typically the savings are minimal but when it comes to the kids literally no expense is spared.....
  • Lastly, in the days ahead keep checking in with Tres Chic Style for fab sales, shopping tips and phenomenal steals & deals.