Stiletto Crocs........

Crocs, the maker of popular but odd-looking plastic shoes & celeb favorites, unveiled 28 models in its spring 2008 collection in a bid to further diversify its product line.
At FFANY in New York on Tuesday, Crocs displayed 14 spring models in its core Crocs line.

Among the new variations of its previous styles: A men's shoe with a leather upper and a women's open-toe shoe with a four-inch heel. The spring models will sell for $25 to $70.
Most of the 28 new models, all designed by Crocs' division in Italy, will appear in stores in January or February.

Personally, I hate the hideous slippers, but on recent trip to see The Mouse my feet were killing me (wrong sandals) and the Disney Collection at $48 did'nt look so bad.......