The Little Black Dress.....

The little black dress will forever remain a wardrobe staple...........
This wardrobe must-have can easily be transformed into a day or night piece and easily depicts fashion, style and even wealth. The classic black hue can be paired with tights for a day look and disguise a shrinking hemline and paired with cute clutch for an evening out.

Every Fashionista should own at least two, a light-weight fabric for Spring & Summer Seasons and a wool-blend for Fall & Winter. I'm guilty of owning about 25 (so what, I do own a boutique and black looks good on me). My favorite is a Jones New York jersey wrap dress and a simple H&M tailored sheath dress with a peter pan collar I picked up in Connecticut last year.

The little black dress lets your hair, your accessories, and your personality take center stage.
Not only is The Little Black Dress slimming, it's sophisticated and paired with the right accessories can be the most stunning piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

Fashion icon & screen siren Audrey Hepburn displayed her love affair with the black dress throughout her career.

Let that evening dress see the light of day by pairing it with a cute blouse and skinny belt. For a fun flirty look, opt for ballet flats or trendy accessories.

Stylish and Chic for every age..... Meryl Streep proved the Black dress can take center stage in her Valentino ensemble in "The Devil Wear's Prada".