Patti's New Wig Line.....

Running High, Running Low......I Got a New Attitude......Patti Labelle
Songstress and fashionista Miss Patti Labelle will introduce a new line of wigs in January from the Especially Yours collection of hair accessories. Fans of LaBelle's already famous hairstyles can now enjoy the same looks without expensive trips to the salon.

The line will launch with 10 styles: Ageless Beauty, Black Majesty, Dynamite Diva, Enchanted Evening, Flame, and Sunday's Best in synthetic hair; and Lady LaBelle, Lovely Lady, Patti Fab, and Sassy LaBelle in 100% human hair. Each will be available in a selection of stunning brunettes, reds and highlights, as well as in LaBelle's custom blended colors (whew, can't wait).

In February, the full line will be featured in Especially Yours catalogs featuring LaBelle on the cover. Prices will range from $49 for synthetic hair and $99 for premium human hairstyles.

There are at least five more wig styles planned for 2008, plus many great hairpieces such as bun styles. According to LaBelle, a line of shampoos, conditioners, and sheens to care for and style the wigs is on the way along with "some fun accessories such as jewelry--all my favorite earrings--and some magnificent eye lashes!"
To view the selection, visit Here.