Wedding Style 101.....

Someone's Getting Married......And It Ain't Me! My Auntie Vee's Wedding is July 19, 2008 .
She has chosen yours truly to be her event planner/make-up artist and consultant. We've been planning this thing for about two years now. The first initial date was July 2007 but she threw her Fiancee, who also happens to be one of the sweetest men in the world a Birthday Gala instead (I skipped it and she's still a little annoyed with me).

Fast forward ahead and we're just about 5 months away from the "Big Day". We're working with a "Princess/Cinderella" theme and the Bride has every detail planned with perfection. She's actually her own consultant just armed with a team of fiercely loyal friends and family to assist her in making her day special. I am so ready for the task and anticipating a fabulous and stylish event that will have her guest talking for years to come........

In honor of 2008 Brides, here's a little preview of "What's Hot for 2008".

Can't decide between a princess ball gown and a sexy sheath?
You can have them both..... In 2008, brides will make their guests do a double take by switching up their looks between the ceremony and reception with their gowns.

Steel gray will replace chocolate brown as the accent color. Brides still gravitate toward the peaches and mauve's but this gray is simply divine with a subtle chic twist.

Vintage reigns for 2008 Weddings.......from dresses to rings, brides are revisiting the past for style inspiration.


That dress with the pink sash is too adorable!