The Weekend Guide

For some strange reason, I'm still in Holiday mode.....
Maybe it's the short week or the frigid weather in NYC right now, but I am still not really back into the full swing of things.

This is my first Weekend Guide Post for 2008. I took a break from the Weekend Guide during the holiday season and substituted it with fab coupons and holiday party updates. Rest assured the complete weekend guide will be returning on January 11th.

In case you need a little pick-me up for the weekend (like me).......
  • Armani Exchange Ciao! Sale -It only happens twice a year. Save up to 70% on select styles from the AX fall and holiday collections
  • Why not try a drink recipe from one of my previous post?
  • Start working on your New Year's resolutions
  • Start cleaning that closet and take inventory for the New Year

Follow these simple tips to get that closet in order and get ready for Spring shopping.....

  1. Identify your five must-have items
  2. Create 4 piles and spread them in separate areas of the room, (this will help you keep it organized).
  3. Pile #1 consist of things you don't want but are too expensive to just dump. Try selling on Ebay or to a local consignment shop.
  4. Pile #2 is the group of clothing you hate or even embarrassed to admit you bought (like those fuchsia platforms on sale at Daffy's). Head these unwanted pieces to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.
  5. Pile #3, items you actually like and wear often should do an about face back into your closet.
  6. Lastly in Pile#4 gather clothing you wear but it needs to be altered or hemmed. Each week drop a piece off at your local tailor or Dry Cleaners and "Get it Right"...

Have a Fabulously Chic Weekend...........