Oscar Countdown......

With two more days left for Hollywood's Big Night while the event coordinator's are scurrying around the Kodak Theater assembling tents (the weather is predicting rain) and stylist are scouring showrooms for the perfect ensemble to make their clients dazzle.

One man is sitting and waiting with his talented team of sketchers and pattern makers......

Allen B. Schwartz (ABS) has been delivereing Oscar Red Carpet replicas to our favorite department stores for more than a decade. Allen refers to the Oscars the "ultimate fashion show."

Schwartz's talent and fashion savvy and affordable look-alike frocs prove you don't have to be an Oscar winner to look like one. His team begins sketching the second a star sets foot on the red carpet. ABS ' versions will retail for $300 as opposed to $10,000 and will be available in many colors.


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