Bye...Bye Blue Jeans....

Feminine Dresses and Sexy Stilettos are here to stay as we bid farewell to blue jeans. Due largely in part to the fashion imagery in Sex And The City. Fashionistas are opting for flirty dresses in lieu of the popular Girl's Night Out ensemble comprised of a cutesy top and tight jeans. Style maven Pat Field has allowed us to embrace our femininity with so much style & grace. Pat is an artist and visionary who's brilliant work inspired a new culture of fashionistas.

We are forever indebted to her for her wisdom, whimsy and ornate ability to create a fashion fantasy.......

Before you hit Madison Ave. or Rodeo Drive, take look at how you can get the actual looks of Sex And The City.

Dresses are a girl's best friend. In an earlier post, I detailed how women of every shape and size can find their perfect dress. I have an admiration for dresses and skirts. As a busy mommy dresses are so easy to slip on. With a 5:00am start, I have little time to iron, steam or press. I own a ridiculous amount of dresses (I think I only own two pairs of pants (excluding jeans) so choosing is never hard. Paired with a fabulous shoe, statement accessories and a hot handbag, I'm literally out the door......

Maggy London Printed Silk Dress worn by Miranda in the movie. This graphic silk twill dress is perfect for any body type and I'll give you an update when mine arrives.........Dillards, $150

Embrace color.....Have fun with accessories this season. The days of boring black handbags are so over. I've never carried black handbags in the boutique, well maybe a fab patent tote here and there. I've loved color since childhood. I went through the black clothing faze in college and it was Boring! Try a chic tote in a spalshy hue for summer and just watch the difference it makes with your total look .

Simple black and brown pumps have been replaced with a myriad of designer beauties. Stilettos are a fashionistas shoe of choice and retailers like Nine West and Steve Madden have made it so easy to replicate a designer look. Shoes can literally make or break an outfit. One of the hottest trends of the season is this must-have gladiator sandal (pictured above) with buckle detailed ankle straps on 4" wedge heel. Too Hot! Heech Sandal Nine West, $89

Cinch It.... Grab a belt and watch the styleometer hit an all time high. Pat Field creative utilization of belts can be seen throughout the film. Belts are great for creating an hourglass illusion on any body type. Find the best ones at Designer Discount Retailers like Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

Accessories Make The World Go Round........ Did you know the accessories market has reached an all time high? The sales of handbags, shoes, and jewelry are constantly increasing. Retailers are redefinig their brands through the overwhelming presence of accessories. Have you taken a look at the main floor at Macy's lately? Accessories own the entire sales floor. Begin to define your personal style with the seasons hottest accessories. Nordstrom is my all time favorite retailer for fashion jewelry.

Lastly, master the art of being feminine and fabulous. Have fun with fashion by embracing your inner quirkiness. Take a risk on the season's best floral ensembles and pair it with the sexiest pair of sandals you can find. At the end of the day it's all about you and your quest to looking undeniably sexy and fabulous!!!