Mother's Day Shopping Tips....


Mother's Day is Sunday and we've decided to compile a few tips to assist you with your search for the perfect gift to make mom's day special.

Last Minute Shopping Tips for Mom
  • Do be creative...... Remember, your not in grade school so that macaroni necklace just won't do! Get mom a gift that represents her personal taste and signature style. If you like it chances are she will too, but do keep in mind it's for mom.... Not You!

  • Avoid giving's thoughtless, says you put little effort into it and it's tasteless for the woman who brought you into this world!

  • Avoid the perfume counter..... Year after year mom's are bombarded with their favorite gift sets that they can easily purchase on their own. Remember be creative...

  • While Gift Cards are usually a gifting faux-pas, exceptions can be made for Mother's Day. Think of Mom's favorite shopping haunt and get to it!!!