Sex & The City Fever.....

It's almost here and millions of fashionistas will be packing theaters nationwide on May 30th to get a glimpse on the lives, memoirs, men and the fashions of the 4 savvy ladies that left us guessing nearly 5 years ago. This week I'll be dedicating an entire week to my favorite fashionistas. As the movie says...Let's all get Carried away!!!!

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is fearlessly fashionable: her style ranges from uptown chic to whimsical to sex kitten. Stilettos are a staple, and Patricia Field mixes designer with flea market finds for Carrie's unique look.

Take a look.......

These delicious 5-Finger Leather Half Gloves are a Carrie must-have.... Exclusively by Patricia Field, $34

Now could'nt you just see Carrie rocking these??? I absolutely adore these and they look totally fab with jeans and a simple Tee. Avaialble at Tres Chic On-Line Boutique, $14. (Mention Code Sex & The City and we'll waive the shipping)

This Tracey Resse trapunto waist dress screams Carrie, somethings tells me accessories would just add that vavavoom to this piece. $355, Net-a-Porter

And what look would'nt be complete without a fab shoe........ You could spend the rent on these or look equally fab in these........

Too Hot!!! Nine West Olavera, Available in Black Patent, Gold $89