One on One With Brandi From Bridezilla......

Many of you may have seen this sassy fashionista hailing from Dallas, Teaxs on the widely popular hit-show Bridezilla. Brandi's bubbly personality, southern charm and humor gave us all something to laugh about this season. You may remember her for her fondness of Fried Chicken or her personally choreographed "booty dance" but she is a delightful young woman with a big heart accompanied with big dreams. Brandi graciously agreed to an interview with yours truly to give us a glimpse of Miss Brandi when the camera's stop rolling.

Tres Chic Style: Tell us a little about yourself

Brandi: I'm 31 years old from Dallas, Texas. I'm an educator and I live with my two beautiful children ages 3 & 9 and my wonderful husband Mark of 5 months. Life is hard! I enjoy making people smile, when I can put a smile on someone's face it gives me a good feeling.

Tres Chic Style: Describe your ideal man and tell us how Mark personifies that.

Brandi: My ideal man must be a man that loves me unconditionally. No matter what I say or do at the end of the day he must love me . Through all my experiences in life, Mark has been with me all the way. I had a wisdom tooth removed and was in excruciating pain. The dentist said I would be home for 2 days and it turned out to be 2 weeks! Mark took time off to be with me and take care of me (even changing my dressing and all).

Tres Chic Style: How & Why did you decide to do Bridezilla?

Brandi: A friend of mine was going to help me plan my wedding. She kept telling me not to go Bridezilla on her. I had no idea what she was talking about having never seen the show. It was only later that the producers from Bridezilla emailed me from one of my wedding websites to audition for the show. I talked to my sister Roslyn to see if this was something she would also like to do and she gave me the go ahead. We met with the producers and they instantly fell in love with me........

Lights, Camera, Action...Bridezilla!

Tres Chic Style: How has life been since Bridezilla?

Brandi: Everywhere I go people recognize me. At the nail shop, grocery store, restaurants you name it people instantly know me from Bridezilla. At least 3 times a day I meet someone who recognizes me. Some people stop and stare and whisper, usually I just smile and say"I'm not that bad".

A family that prays together......

Tres Chic Style: You have an amazing style, who are some of your favorite designers or stores in Dallas?

Brandi: Wow, Thank-You! Nieman Marcus is my all-time favorite retailer but realistically I'm a teacher on a budget. I'm not picky when it comes to clothing, although I love shoes! I like to shop at R&B and BeBe (even though the pants never fit me) and I love House of Dereon. On weekends you'll find me in urban hip-hop wear. Wal-Mart, Target it doesn't really matter about where it's from if I like it, I'll buy it.

Tres Chic Style: It was noted on various blogs that you are indeed a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. What were some of your contributions at Theta Theta chapter at Paul Quinn College?

Brandi: I initiated a program during my undergrad to benefit a local AIDS facility in Dallas called Bryan House. I choreographed a fashion show with the help of Roslyn as the emcee. This yearly fashion show is still in existence today.

Brandi, her sister Roslyn and her beautiful daughter......

Tres Chic Style: Who do you credit in your life for your tenacity and determination to succeed?

Brandi: My mom who is deceased and my sister Roslyn. I am so much like my mom, but I have managed to acquire some positive traits from Roslyn as well.

Tres Chic Style: Viewers missed out on the chance to see your beautiful reception during the Bridezilla airing. What was your most memorable moment you wished we had a chance to see?

Brandi: When Mark washed my feet. It was so sacred and special, I wish they would have aired that. And I wish you all had a chance to see the dance I choreographed!

Lastly, Brandi has a few tips and personal secrets for Brides to Be........

  • Never settle for the final price on anything, Negotiate......Negotiate!

  • Don't take the final offer, always squeeze something out, my favorite saying is "You Have Not, Because You Ask Not".

  • If you don't have to have your wedding on a Saturday think about a Friday. You can save more than 50% on another day.

  • Decide what you really want for your wedding.

  • Lastly, make your guest feel special. I did that with RSVP seating, a newsletter and any other way I could include my guest in on my special day.

*You can catch encore episodes of Brandi's wedding: Monday, August 25 at 1pm & Sunday, September 7 at 3pm on WeTV


Anonymous said…
This was so nice. Thank you!
Your Bridezilla,
Anonymous said…
I watch Bridzilla all the time and I truly loved Brandi I thought that she was cute and funny and I make cakes i would have made that groom cake you wanted no problem and I would also like to say you should wear your hair and make up like you did at the wedding more often you were beautiful....
Anonymous said…
I have been friends with Brandi since 1994 and she is fabulous!! I wish the show would have captured a more wholistic picture of her -- she's amazing with a heart of gold. She's loyal to no end and VERY dedicated to making sure her students are getting a top of the line education everytime they enter her classroom. Thank you for your article on her and helping those who don't know her to see her as she truly is: intelligent, sweet, honest, helpful, and unique.
Anonymous said…
Brandi is truly a down-to-earth, classy woman. She is one of the most "Real" people I know. Bridezilla did not really capture her essence but if you know her, she is awesome.
Stephanie Toi
Anonymous said…
This was the best Bridezilla ever! Brandy had me cracking up with her obsession with chicken! My favorite lines, "Keep the hoes out your face. The only things open at that time are legs and chicken", and "Ima need 2 birth control pills." I need an update on this couple real soon because they seem great together.
EtherealLuv said…
I too loved Brandi's episode. She was really nice and she had great taste and the most beautiful hair. She also was serious about her dancing at the wedding!LMAO! She was too country!
Kem's Mom said…
I loved the Brandi episode of Bridzilla...probably my favorite episode because Brandi seem more like the friends I have. She was so funny and real and I loved the relationship between her and her fiancee and her friendship with her sister Roslyn...Shoot Brandi need her own show lol!
tinamarie said…
Hello I would just first like to say "AMEN"! to Brandi, she kept it 100% the entire time... I have been searching for her episode, and I lucked upon this page.I visit Dallas every other month and love the building her ceremony was held in. I would like to find out if her sister still does hair and makeup in Dallas? God Bless Brandi and Mark.